Two Happy People

From the article “Two Happy People,” May 1940:

The Gables are old enough, smart enough and experienced enough in marital adventures to know that professional jealousy is the biggest barrier to their happiness.

Without doubt, Miss Lombard is determined to keep pace with her husband in stardom. Miss Lombard apparently has no intention of leaving the screen and settling down with a dish-cloth in one hand and a diaper-pin in the other. However, she is trying, and apparently successfully, to make her life—that is, her personal life—fit into the Gable pattern.

Clark Gable is very much the master of the manor, and Carole Lombard is the wife who sees to his needs, bosses him just a bit without letting him know that he is being bossed, and is his sidekick at play.

Mrs. Gable is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. She is no child-bride, and now that she has what she wants she seems determined to keep it. If her husband wants to do something—say, play a game she doesn’t know—she will learn the game. She is not taking any chances on anybody else hunting and riding with her husband.

And Gable loves it that way. They really have fun together. Some folks say that all the capers they cut together are acts, publicity baits thrown out for the suckers. That is absurd. Of course, they act even when they are not before the camera. It is only natural. It is impossible for natural actors to stop acting the minute the whistle blows…Acting is a profession with the Gables and they live their work all of the time. That’s why it’s impossible for Miss Lombard to retire and devote all of her time to wife-ing…

She is proud of her success and her ability. Gable says he’s going to quit when he is assured of ten thousand a year for life. Perhaps she will retire when he does. But I have the feeling that these people will be on the screen as long as the public wants them. Energetic, ambitious folks like the Gables simply do not work and fight to get to the top and then retire gracefully and go to their little blue heaven where the vines twine around the door and hand, hand in hand, walk down the twilight trail together. It’s very romantic, but it seldom happens.

Clark Gable & Carol Lombard

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