The Teachers Pet – Clark Gable, Doris Day 1958

A Teachers Pet. Doris Day & Clark Gable 1958

In 1956, she participated in the American remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much and will remain in people’s minds for a long time as the one who performs the Oscar-winning song “Que sera sera”. The fairy tale continued and in 1959, Doris Day was nominated for an Oscar for best actress for Pillow Talk.

Building on her success, she increased the number of filmings and rubbed shoulders with on-screen partners such as Kirk Douglas in The Woman with Chimeras (1950), Frank Sinatra in Young at Heart (1954), Clark Gable in The Teacher’s Pet (1958) or Cary Grant in A Hint of Mink (1962). Even if the 60s proved less prolific for her than the previous decade, they remained no less prestigious with real successes like Do Not Disturb (1965) or The Blonde Defies the FBI (1966). In 1968, her husband Martin Melcher, whom she had married in 1951, died and that same year saw the end of her film career with There’s a Man in Mom’s Bed . But the little window called her and she produced her own television series: The Doris Day Show which lasted until 1973, achieving some success. In 1975, she published her autobiography, titled

Doris Day, Her Own Story.

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